Public companies

Acacia Capital has created investment strategies with mandates focus on investments in Mexico through different private vehicles.

ACVMx; this vehicle has an investment mandate exclusive to Mexican companies in the Mexican Stock Exchange and has consistently outperformed the MEXBOL (Mexican equities benchmark) by a wide margin since it began operating in 2012 (audited results).

Gráfica Trackrecord

Private Investments

AC-CW Venture MX-LatAm; is an investment partnership focused on developing the long-term value of companies by systematizing operations, investment decision-making and fostering unique advantages.

We seek to flexibly align with management teams who demonstrate professionalism, commitment, and inspiring vision, with a deliberate approach to protect founders’ interests through our collaborative involvement in operations.

We maintain a particular focus on profitable business models across Consumer, Food & Beverage, Technology, Hospitality, and Media & Community with potential for international scalability.

Our partnership has the joint experience of more than a decade working history in public and private investments with a proven track record, and the expertise of servicing private market investors with due diligence and portfolio monitoring of more than 500 investments across the globe.

Other investment vehicles focus on investments in public companies with activities in emerging markets, private companies, and Real Estate.